10 Must-Use Instagram Filters to Get More Views and Comments

Filters are becoming increasingly popular among users of mobile photo sharing tools and sites. And Instagram is not different than others. Instagram offers so many filters to choose from to enhance the colors of your photos. And these filters can make or break an Instagram post. You can enhance your photo to the max by choosing a right filter. Or, a wrong filter may take all contrast and color from your once beautiful photo.

You have to use your own eyes and judgment to decide what looks best and which is fitting your brand’s style. But, let’s face it; you’re probably not an expert in photography. And since there are so many options, it’s a hard task to choose that right filter. Luckily, marketers study which filters and effects get you more likes and comments. Let’s look what these studies are saying. It’s time for Instagram science!

A team of researchers from Georgia Tech and Yahoo Labs analyzed millions of photos and they found that filtered photos are 21% more likely to be viewed and 45% more likely to be commented on than unfiltered ones. After examining five different types, they found:

  • The warmth filter had the largest correlation with the number of comments
  • The exposure effect was tied most tightly to views
  • The saturation effects were correlated with slightly lower views
  • The age effects were correlated with lower comments

That means if you want to increase chances of receiving both views and comments use warm temperatures, higher contrast, and higher exposure.

The Most Popular Filters

Now you know how photo effects affect the Instagram comments and views of your photos. But which filters are most popular amongst the Instagram users? According to Iconosquare, starting from the most popular, the 10 most used Instagram filters at the moment are;

1. Normal (aka No Filter)

The most popular choice is not even a filter! Okay, it’s a bit weird start for this list. But maybe, we shouldn’t be surprised about this fact. Instagram filters are handy while posting everyday photos. However, if you are going to post already enchanted professional shots of your products or your store, or designed graphics like discount announcements, you won’t need Instagram’s fancy filters obviously.
The interior of a restaurant with wooden tables and chairs.

2. Clarendon

Clarendon filter adds light to lighter areas and dark to darker areas. This filter will make your colors stand out on your photos when used. Is there a nice view from your store’s window or your café’s garden? Take a photo of it when the sun is setting and use Clarendon while posting it on Instagram. It’s the perfect filter for sunset photos since colors really stand out when using Clarendon.

3. Juno

Juno filter intensifies red and yellow hues in your pictures, making them stand out more than the blues. If you want to create a feeling of depth, this filter is the perfect one.

4. Lark

By keeping a cool feel but not washed out, Lark filter brightens and intensifies colors but not red hues. This Instagram filter is a good bet for nature photos. Next time, give it a chance while posting a photo of your café’s garden or the cactus shot which you took on your store.

5. Ludwig

Ludwig filter brings light and dark to all the right places, whilst intensifying the warmest colors. It’s a good choice for architecture and geometric shapes.

6. Gingham

Gingham filter will take some color out of the photo and give a vintage effect on your image. If you’re small business owner or a crafter who posts selfies time to time, it’s a lovely filter to use on your selfie shots.

7. Valencia

Valencia gives your photos a slight faded, 1980’s touch. This filter creates a feeling like a bright, yellow lamp is shining on your photo by adding a yellow hue to your photos.

8. X-Pro II

If you use X-Pro II, this filter will add a strong vignette, a load of shadows and dark elements to your photos. It’s not a discreet choice, but, one of the best to use on bright, daytime shots you took.

9. Lo-fi

Lo-fi filter will add shadows and increases saturation on photos. This filter gives your photos a dreamy, blurry effect and saturated colors. Since Lo-fi is a bit of an all-rounder, you can give it a try on different shots. But it is especially good for food shots.

10. Amaro

Amaro filter is the last one of the 10 most popular Instagram filters list. This filter creates an aged effect by brightening the middle section and darkening around the edges of the photos. If you are a vintage fan, you should definitely give Amaro a chance to have bold, vintage looking photos.

Filter Usage

Another study by TrackMaven shows us that some filters attract more likes and comments. Mayfair is not one of the 10 most used filters but according to this study, it’s the most effective one. After Mayfair; #nofilter, Inkwell, Walden, Amaro, Lo-Fi, Valencia, Hefe, Hudson and X-Pro II are the 10 most effective Instagram filters which will bring more likes and comments.
A bar graph showing the number of fish species in efficacy.

You can play safe by using one of these 10 most used filters. Or if you can’t make a decision, you can simply use Mayfair since it’s kind of a proven way to get more likes and comments. But keep it in your mind that your particular audience’s favorite filters are more important than the overall Instagram community’s favorite filters. Try to analyse which filters have best impact on your fans.

If we want to give an example, according to subject, most popular fashion filters are Kelvin, Valencia, Nashville, Skyline, Normal, Slumber, Aden, Ashby, Reyes, Inkwell while most popular food filters are Skyline, Normal, Helena, Slumber, Aden, Brooklyn, Vesper, Sutro, Willow, Inkwell.

The most popular fashion filters infographic.
The most popular food filters infographic.

Which filters are you using most on your Instagram shots? Do you know which filters work best for your business’ Instagram? We’d like to know! Tell us on comments.