About Us

We are user advocates, designers, and sometimes dreamers.

As a scientific branding agency, we at Susam, envision a future where companies are not only known for their functionality and trustworthiness, but also for their unique and compelling stories. We strive to aid these companies in positioning themselves as leaders in their industry, by crafting aesthetically breathtaking brands that resonate with their customers on a deeper level.

Meet our team

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UX Lead + Founder

Mustafa is the driving force behind susam. With a background rooted in astronomy and his keen interest in psychology, Mustafa brings an in-depth perspective to brand strategy creation. As a leader, Mustafa guides our team with precision and inspires a culture of innovation and efficiency. His analytical and stoic traits shine through in his approach to problem-solving, strategy consulting, and process design. For tech entrepreneurs and SaaS startup founders seeking innovative solutions to elevate their brands, Mustafa creates seamless user experience solutions that extend beyond the norm. Aside from the studio, reading and writing are also joys for him, demonstrating his commitment to continuous learning and innovation. When Mustafa is in charge, we forge a narrative of ingenuity and innovation that meets SaaS entrepreneurs’ aspirations.

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Brand Strategist + Founder

Dilara is the visionary force behind susam. Having a background in astronomy allows her to blend scientific curiosity with creative flair. Embracing the spirit of a dreamer and the curiosity of a geek, Dilara is not just a designer; she’s a storyteller, weaving narratives that resonate with the essence of SaaS, science, and aviation. As a two-time award-winning illustrator, she brings unparalleled creativity and a strategic mindset to the forefront. Beyond the studio, Dilara explores the world, effortlessly combining her love of travel with an avid interest in the aviation and aerospace industry. With Dilara at the helm, your brand’s identity is not just designed; it’s imagined, crafted, and brought to life by a true artist and innovator.

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Full Stack Developer

Caner is the stellar developer of susam. As a finance professional with a self-taught programming background, he seamlessly combines financial expertise with cutting-edge technical skills. As a true geek at heart, Caner is not just a developer; he’s a strategic asset, poised to elevate SaaS, science, and aviation ventures to unparalleled heights. He excels at transforming challenges into innovative solutions. A quick learner by nature, he thrives in the dynamic world of technology, bringing a competitive edge to every project. Beyond the code, he finds joy in online gaming and streaming, making him the perfect team player in both the virtual and professional worlds. With Caner on board, we redefine strategic branding opportunities in the ever-evolving technology industry.
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Can Onur

Motion Designer

Can Onur is the passionate motion designer of susam. Combining astronomy and digital art expertise, Can Onur deeply understands celestial bodies and the aesthetics behind captivating visuals. Aside from motion design, he also excels at animation, video editing, and sound mixing. A quick learner with boundless imagination, he transforms complex concepts into immersive visual experiences and impactful narratives. Beyond the studio, Can Onur finds inspiration in his love of traveling, hiking, and maintaining a healthy lifestyle through fitness and cooking. His dynamic personality and relentless pursuit of excellence align seamlessly with our mission to solve problems creatively. With Can Onur in the director’s chair, motion meets meaning, and your brand’s story is curated with passion, skill, and a dreamlike vision.

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Purr the Office Cat

Part-time Rascal Full-time Cute

Purr is our extraordinary team member at the intersection of charm and mischief. This feline dynamo began her journey as a rescued feral kitten and quickly found her forever home in our team as office royalty. Her passion for mischief mirrors the innovative spirit we foster at our agency, making her the purrfect embodiment of our commitment to creativity and unconventional problem-solving. She somehow manages to involve herself in every project, brings joy to the process and leaves her adorable pawprints on our endeavors. With her infectious energetic and playful nature, Purr effortlessly lifts the mood in the office, creating a positive atmosphere that fuels creativity. Her story reflects our commitment to diverse talents, even four-legged ones, that contribute to our agency’s innovative spirit.

Our Mission

At susam, we are on a journey to reshape the realm of SaaS, crafting not just functional and trustworthy, but also aesthetically breathtaking brands that resonate with customers on a deeper level. We are the bards of the digital age, weaving tales of functionality, trustworthiness, and beauty to craft brands that touch the hearts of our customers, and leave an indelible mark on the world of SaaS.

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Our Story

susam’s journey started when the paths of Mustafa, a seasoned UX designer, and Dilara, an award-winning illustrator, crossed. They were both driven by a shared passion for branding and had scientific backgrounds. The fusion of their skills and shared love of innovation laid the foundation for what would soon become susam.

Something unexpected happened after a while when their professional collaboration began – Dilara lost her beloved feline friend Susam. In honor of the enduring friendship that spanned 13 years and the inspiration he provided, Mustafa and Dilara decided to name their budding venture after the cherished cat. Susam Creative was born as a testament to creative thinking and connection.

As the studio evolved, so did their expertise. Mustafa’s analytical prowess and stoic problem-solving approach complemented Dilara’s visionary storytelling and creative flair. Their goal was clear: to empower creative entrepreneurs and transform their dreams into tangible, visually compelling realities.

Through a journey of assisting diverse clientele, they found their true calling – they love to find solutions for unraveling the complexities of the SaaS, science, and aviation industries. Recognizing their true calling, the duo rebranded the studio simply as “susam.” This strategic shift allowed them to fully embrace their potential, focusing on industries where they could bring unparalleled value and innovation.

Today, susam is constantly evolving to meet the aspirations of extraordinary entrepreneurs. Welcoming new talents with the same enthusiasm for creative problem-solving, the expanded team of susam keeps pushing boundaries and crafting extraordinary strategies for tech entrepreneurs and SaaS startup founders who dare to dream big.

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Our Values


We delve deep into the hearts of our clients and the market in which they operate, seeking to understand their needs and desires. Through research and testing, we study the patterns and movements of their competitors. Armed with this knowledge, we make calculated and thoughtful decisions that guide our clients towards standing apart and achieving their goals. This analytical approach is a cornerstone of our branding methodology, keeping us ahead of the game and delivering exceptional results for our clients.


Authenticity is the foundation of strong relationships. We assist our clients in staying true to their values and mission, so that they may connect with their customers on a deeper level, earning their trust and loyalty. Through creating branding that reflects their values, we help them to live out those values in their products and services, standing out in the market and contributing to a more authentic and trustworthy business environment.


Collaboration is at the heart of our branding approach. With our clients, we workshop and develop effective strategies, utilizing everyone’s ideas and perspectives to achieve the best outcome. This collaborative approach is essential in creating meaningful relationships with our clients and delivering top-notch results.


In our work, candor is of the utmost importance. Clear communication and trust are built on a foundation of honesty and transparency. We make a point to be candid in all our interactions with clients and colleagues, fostering an environment of mutual respect and allowing us to achieve the finest outcomes. Such directness is vital not just for building relationships, but for standing out in our field and fostering true innovation.


Empathy is at the heart of our approach to branding. We strive to understand the needs and perspectives of our clients’ customers through research and listening. By walking in their shoes, we can create branding and UX strategies that truly resonate and connect with them. This ability to empathize is not only vital for creating effective branding, but for building meaningful relationships with our clients and their customers.

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Our Office

Innovation knows no bounds, and so do we! We’ve been working remotely, turning distance into an asset, long before the world embraced the concept. Our team thrives in an environment that promotes freedom, granting them the flexibility to explore the world while delivering exceptional results.

Join us on a journey of innovation and creativity, where science meets design and dreams take flight.