2019 March Wallpaper – Cat Sunbathing on Window

Every cat person knows, there is a weird connection between cats and windows. Like cat magnets, windows lure the cats. If you’re walking around in any old neighborhood, you can find one or two sunbathing cats on the windows of those cozy houses.

When you think about it, it shouldn’t surprise you. Actually, why would a cat want to watch her human doing boring everyday stuff, instead of sunbathing on a window while observing the exciting things like birds or bugs?

Our office cat Purr isn’t any different from her feline friends. While there are more sunny days here with the beginning of the spring, we mostly find her sunbathing on the window side. She is definitely the biggest inspiration of Susam Creative’s March wallpaper. And for the background, we tried to simplify the architecture of wooden houses of Cihangir, which we have visited before for our runner game project.

In case you missed our February wallpaper, just click here to download it for free.