2019 November Wallpaper – Free Quilty (No More Doors!)

Quilty was the cat hero of this November. By opening the doors to free his cat friends he reminded us of the cats and dogs that are on the wrong side of the door; the ones that are waiting in shelters, in the hope of finding their human companion.

So, with a last-minute decision, we changed our plans for November wallpaper and illustrated a new wallpaper in honor of Quilty the Cat.

As Susam Creative family, we all have a soft spot for animals that are waiting for adoption at the shelters or wandering around in the streets.

Susam, whom our studio is named after, was a rescued cat. He was only a 3 days old abandoned kitty when our designer Dilara found him in a school building. He survived with lots of care and love. And even though he is no longer with us, his name and memory continue to live with our studio.

Our office cat Purr also was a stray cat who decided to follow us from a garbage can to her new home. After that day, both her life and Susam Creative’s atmosphere changed. Now she spends her days mostly sleeping or getting herself involved with our projects one way or another.

After countless of freeing attempt, Quilty finally found a family. Susam, Purr, and Quilty were the lucky ones. But there are still many cats and dogs waiting to be adopted. And who knows, your new buddy might be somewhere in the streets or a shelter waiting for you to adopt them.

In case you missed our October wallpaper, just click here to download it for free.