2023 August Motivational Wallpaper –with Calendar

Starting your own venture is no walk in the park; it demands dedication, perseverance, and a burning passion for what you’re doing. If you’re embarking on this journey solo, you better have unwavering love for your endeavor.
There will be challenges, setbacks, and moments when giving up seems tempting. However, passion serves as the driving force that fuels your determination to overcome obstacles. It provides the unwavering motivation to push through the hard work and keep going, even when the journey feels daunting. Remember, success comes to those who truly love what they do. So embrace the hard work, embrace the challenges, and let your passion guide you towards realizing your dreams.
A calendar with an illustration of a man holding a book.

Every month, we design and publish a motivational wallpaper that includes a calendar and modern quotes to keep you motivated. On August wallpaper, we chose a quote from Sallie Krawcheck, Co-founder of Ellevest.

Make sure you take notes on your calendar. It’s a great place to plan your business promotions. And yes, you should plan your campaigns beforehand! You can find a brief list of the special days of August on our Instagram