3 Quick and Easy Ways to Own a Profitable Website

How frequently do you browse online and go to a website and leave instantly when you look at the site? If you are a normal person, then that occurs a lot. But if you’re the owner of such a site which people leave without taking an action, this can be your nightmare.

Most websites fail due to the same reasons. We see it over and over again. And the result is always the same ‒ the business loses out on valuable income. There are 7 fatal errors that prevent you from owning a profitable website that drives daily sales. About %58 of websites make an at least one of those deadly mistakes. So, make sure you know these rookie mistakes and your website will deliver a return on your investment.

No Responsive, No Action

The challenge for website owners and web designers is to keep people on your website as well as to get them to take actions. It is critical to think of everybody that’s viewing your website. Not everybody will be using the same web browser. And people could have different aspects ratios, meaning your website might not look the same on each computer, phone or tablet. More and more people use their mobile devices to surf web. If your website is not mobile-friendly that means many people will leave it instantly. That’s why having a responsive website is a must.

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It Takes Hours to Take a Look at a Site! No, Thank You

Website speed is a big factor as to whether someone stays or leaves your website. Many people abandon a site that doesn’t load within three seconds. If your site takes more than three seconds to load, then you need to improve it!

If you’re using a cheap host, this can be your answer for this slowness. You can find many cases where people only lose money when they select a bad host. Try a better web host, or pay your current web host for more bandwidth.

Not only host, a website redesign and getting rid of those old fashioned flash intros will help big time too. If you have a lot of graphics on your website, decreasing the sizes of the graphic without really distorting them is another way of cutting back the loading time.

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You Can Write a Novel with That Much Text, You Know

A strong website copy is a way you might create a good traffic to your website which is a great opportunity of raising the sales of their company. And if you wanted to be found by search engines, you want a strong copy which is optimized for search engines.

But, that doesn’t mean you should write pages of pages copy on your website. Web users scan-read. They’re not going wade through streams of blah-blah-blah just to get to the golden nugget of information hidden at the end.

Successful websites address any concerns and objections their potential clients may have. They also engage visitors by using lots of headers, short paragraphs, bullet points, break-out boxes, and call-to-actions. And more and more they’re using videos instead of using walls of text.

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You should not forget that your website is the front face of your business and as such it represents you or your company. You need to take utmost care to ensure you don’t make the most typical website mistakes which are pretty evident on the web.

So, are you making any of these website mistakes? Is your website not making money? Are you losing sales because your visitors leave your web page without taking any action? Tell us your pain points about your website on the comments.