May 2018 Wallpaper – Koinobori

“A carp that swims upstream becomes a dragon and flies to Heaven…” That’s the story behind carp-shaped windsocks, also know as “koinobori”. 5th of May is celebrated as Children’s Day in Japan. Families raise the iconic koinobori flags to celebrate the day. The way the carp flags blow in the wind makes it look like they are swimming.

Different countries around the world have a Children’s Day to celebrate on different dates. But Japan celebrates this day since the ancient times and the meaning of the day differentiates it from the others. It’s is a day set aside to respect children’s personalities and to celebrate their happiness. Since the idea behind this day is so precious, we couldn’t miss the chance to celebrate this day. That’s why we decided to illustrate a koinobori wallpaper for May.

In case you missed our April wallpaper, just click here to download it for free.