October 2017 Wallpaper – A Pokemon Halloween

You thought we have completely forgot about October’s wallpaper, right? Actually, we postponed it for a reason: We especially wanted to share this “spooky” wallpaper on the Halloween night!

You probably remember our very first wallpaper “A Pokemon Summer“. Since we got some nice feedbacks for that one, we decided to create another one for this fall and especially Halloween. And are there any Pokemon other than Pumpkaboo that is more suitable for this job? We don’t think so! Sadly, this year’s Pokemon GO Halloween Event doesn’t include this cute, ghost pumpkin Pokemon. But next year, we hope to catch it. Until then, you can use this wallpaper on your phone while catching some creepy ghost Pokemon.

By the way, it’s kind of creepy, but our office is full of Duskulls right now. They might be upset that we didn’t choose them for our October wallpaper…

And in case you missed our September wallpaper, just click here to download it for free.