Take Your Trello Experience to the Next Level

When there are tons of work to be done, or projects started to be more complicated, everyone looks for some way to manage them. And Kanban is a great solution it comes to project management.

We are sure the ones who need project management tools -i.e. almost all of you-, heard of or actively use Kanban boards and we are no different. In a creative design studio like Susam Creative, it would be impossible to manage projects without project management tools, of course.

Trello is a web-based project management tool that uses Kanban board principles. It’s a tool that we have been using for managing our projects even before we founded Susam Creative. Today, it’s still our favorite project management tool and we’re actively using it for all projects of Susam Creative. And when something falls between the hands of creative minds, curious events may happen. So, we found a way to make Trello more practical and more creative!

With the help of the browser extensions, you can upgrade your web experience. Since we have been using Trello for our every project for years, we wanted to create a theme to make Trello more of a pleasure to work with. Now it’s time for us to share our Trello theme with you.

Susam Creative Trello Theme is user-friendly, visually appealing and practical theme that will create a better Trello experience for you. It’s completely free to use, just click here and get information about the theme.

Also, we wanted to share an exclusive gift with you to celebrate the release of Susam Creative Trello Theme. As Susam Creative family, we have been designing wallpapers to bring joy to your screens. And now, we present to you the special version of our “Creative Brush” wallpaper. You can download Susam Creative’s Trello Theme Exclusive wallpaper by just clicking here.

If you want, you can set one of Creative Brush Wallpapers as Susam Creative Trello Theme background. Or, you can simply continue to use your favorite background while enjoying the theme’s benefits.

Let your creativity blossom with Susam Creative Trello Theme and Creative Brush wallpaper.